A sheet membrane is a good choice for use as a water barrier in your built up shower pan.  Most sheet membranes are pliable, therefore, easy to roll out onto your shower floor.  Taking into consideration the size and shape of your shower floor, a sheet membrane can be installed as a single piece or pieced together from several pieces.  Where two pieces of a sheet membrane meet, they are overlapped a minimum of 2 inches, and further sealed at the seam with a manufacturer specific fiber mesh band. This ensures that your sheet membrane is a single unit and will maintain it;s waterproofing integrity.  Where joints and change of planes occur, extra care needs to be taken by applying the manufacturer specific mesh band or a fiber mesh tape along with a liquid membrane.  It is also important to remember that your sheet membrane installation will need to undergo a soak test where the shower pan is filled with water for a minimum of 24 hours to ensure that there is no leakage under or outside of the shower floor.

Sheet Membranes


Schluter®-KERDI is a pliable, sheet-applied, bonded waterproof membrane and vapor retarder with limited crack-bridging capabilities.

  • Sheet-applied polyethylene waterproofing membrane and vapor retarder
  • Eliminates water damage which can lead to mold and mildew
  • Features an anchoring fleece on both sides to anchor the membrane in thin-set mortar
  • Ideal for waterproofing in conjunction with tiled surfaces on walls and floors
  • KERDI is 8-mil-thick and guarantees uniform thickness

Schluter Kerdi – Waterproofing Membrane – 54 sq. ft.

USG Durock Waterproofing Membrane

The USG Durock Waterproofing Membrane is a pliable sheet-applied waterproof membrane and vapor retarder for use with USG Durock Brand Shower System.

  • Suitable for waterproofing floors, walls and countertops as well as steam room applications
  • Designed for use with USG Durock shower system
  • Extremely durable, yet easy to handle and install
  • Extremely tear resistant

USG Durock Shower System- Waterproofing Membrane 36″ x 25′ Roll

Laticrete HYDRO BAN® Sheet Membrane

HYDRO BAN® Sheet Membrane is a waterproof sheet membrane that is installed using a substrate appropriate Laticrete thin-set.

  • ANSI A118.10 – Exceeds all requirements
  • ASTM E96/E96M Procedure E-0.06 Perms – approved for steam showers / rooms as single membrane
  • IAPMO approved
  • Pliable – conforms easily to substrate
  • Complete line of accessories – single source supply
  • Allows for installation over green mortar beds
  • Installs with modified or unmodified thin-set
  • Compatible with most HYDRO BAN products
  • †Refer to requirements for specific substrate to which the HYDRO BAN® Sheet Membrane will be bonded

Laticrete Hydro Ban Sheet Membrane – 108 sq. ft.

Install Sheet Membrane

How to Install a Sheet Membrane Over a Shower Pan

Installing a Sheet Membrane On a Shower Pan