A tried and true example of a water barrier inside of a built up shower pan is the use of a pan liner, which is a contiguous piece of CPE ( chlorinated polyethylene ) or PVC ( polyvinyl chloride ) material. The effectiveness of a pan liner is to maintain the single piece integrity for which it will be able to retain moisture within the shower pan. For shower areas that have a larger than average shower floor footprint, multiple pieces of the pan liner can be fused together using manufacturer and material specific solvents. The ideal installation of a pan liner will be to maintain the least amount of seams as possible, run the material up, tucked in behind the shower walls about 10-12 inches, and as a continuous piece up and over the shower curb. Pre-planning your pan liner installation would allow you to account for excess material at each edge of the shower floor, instead of cutting, it can more effectively be tucked in between the wall studs. After the pan liner has been installed, your final step will be to fill the shower area with water, allow it to sit for 24 hours, and check to see if an leakage is occurring below the shower floor or outside the shower area.

Recommended Pan Liners

Oatey PVC Shower Pan Liner

This Oatey PVC Shower Pan Liner is made from thick PVC sheet material. Offers a great alternative to liquid or sheet membranes when installing a waterproof barrier in tile showers. The liner has marks every 6 in. for ease of measuring.

  • Economical, time-tested flexible pan liner
  • Available in 30 & 40 mil thicknesses
  • Liner marked in 6″ increments for ease of measuring
  • Dam corners available
  • Meets ASTM Spec. D4551
  • Superior cold weather characteristics

Oatey PVC Pan Liner Kit – 40 mil Gray – 5 x 6

Oatey PVC Pan Liner Kit – 40 mil Gray – 6 x7

Oatey PVC Pan Liner Kit – 40 mil Gray – 6 x 10

Oatey PVC Pan Liner – 40 mil Gray – 5 x 40

Oatey PVC Pan Liner – 40 mil Gray – 4 x 50

Oatey PVC Pan Liner – 40 mil Gray – 6 x 50

Install Pan Liner

How to Install a Shower Pan Liner

How to Install an Oatey Pan Liner

Recommended Pan Liner Materials

Oatey 30812 X-15 PVC Solvent with Dauber – 16-Ounce

  • Formulated with a mixture of solvents and resins
  • Designed for use with PVC flexible-liner membranes
  • Not for use on PVC pipe and fittings
  • Do not use with chlorinated polyethylene (CPE) flexible-liner membrane
  • Includes an in-lid applicator

Oatey PVC Dam Corners – 2 Pack

  • PVC Dam Corners are made of 40 mil thick flexible sheet
  • Dam Corners can be used as right or left corner installation
  • Dam Corner is black in color
  • Corners are preformed for easy use