When most people discuss waterproofing a shower area, installation of a bathtub, doesn’t seem to be top on the list. Since you have many different options to choose from, such as a pre-manufactured shower base or build up shower pan, for the management of water leading out and into to the shower drain, a bathtub is a solid choice for serving this purpose.


Not all tubs are created equal, some are very heavy and can last a lifetime and others a made of composite materials which are light but tend to have ongoing staining issues. The standard consensus is a tub is compatible as a shower, which is not always entirely true, some tubs are specifically used for bathing only. A bathtub length will typically range from 5’ and 6’ long and 32” to 60” wide. This is why it is necessary to measure precisely the exact area available for the installation of your bathtub.


Your overall bathroom design will determine the best type of bathtub to choose from. If your intend to have walls wrapped around your bathtub, leaving one edge exposed, this is considered a recessed bathtub. For a bathroom design that is looking to save space, a corner bathtub is ideal as it will be less of an obstruction. To provide a very dramatic impact to your bathroom design, a freestanding bathtub is a wonderful choice, available in styles from antique to contemporary to modern. If you have ample space available, you can incorporate a platform design and a drop-in bathtub to provide an elevated bathing experience.


A bathtub can be made of a wide variety of materials, each providing a very useful end product. A traditional bathtub is made of cast-iron or steel and typically is what is found in an early to mid-century family home. A cast-iron and steel bathtub provide an incredible amount of durability and strength. The cast-iron and steel bathtub will have an enamel coat that applied to the exterior during each specific manufacturing process. An alternative to these would be a bathtub that is made of process manufactured materials, ranging from acrylic sheets to natural ingredients formed into a bathtub finish. These bathtubs are lighter and more economical but do have their drawbacks, such as discoloration and staining.

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