Shower Head

If the shower trim you have chosen is the function of your shower system, then the shower head is the delivery of warmth and rejuvenation that will provide you with enjoyment during each use. When the shower trim is turned on to allow the water supply to lead into and out of the shower head, it demonstrates the completion of all of the hard work you put in to make sure your shower system operates as you had intended.


Your in luck with a bathroom remodel, you can choose a shower head that matches with your shower trim. In the event that you need to upgrade your shower head, you will have a variety of choices to choose from. Manufacturers offer finishes and colors, such as chrome, nickel, stainless steel, brass, and matte black. Each product line may have a limited offering, while others may offer them all.


Are you finishing your shower in a classic, contemporary, or modern design? You can find a shower head to match your specific design needs, while still matching your shower trim.

Water Efficiency

The water efficiency is an important characteristic in a shower head and in some states, they must meet strict guidelines. Each manufacturer designs their shower heads to meet these needs by reducing the gallons per minute exiting, while not reducing it’s effectiveness.


Every manufacturer will offer their own proprietary settings to provide you with the best showering experience. While some will be manufacturer specific, there are standard settings which you will find in most shower heads. These are

  • Spray – A more traditional flow of water
  • Rain – A simulated water fall flow of water
  • Aerate – A air combined flow of water
  • Massage – A pulsating flow of water
  • Pause – A light or reduced flow of water


The two-in-one shower heads give you the best of both worlds, with a stylish shower head that easily disassembles to transition into a hand shower. This functional shower fixture saves on the need to install a shower diverter valve and the purchase of a separate hand shower. While easy to install, it offers all the benefits of a multi-head shower.

Rain Shower

On the opposite end of water efficiency is going to be a shower head that replicates the water fall effect. These shower heads are called rain shower and they come in larger sizes to accommodate a greater area of water to be released. They can be matched to the shower fixtures you choose and vary by manufacturer and product lines. You will typically find them in circular, square, or rectangular shapes.