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Shower Diverter Trim

Since you have already chosen your shower trim, you now may be considering adding a hand shower to your shower setup. You will need to choose a matching shower diverter trim that will allow you to manually divert the water flow from the shower head to the hand shower. This handle will connect to a diverter valve within the walls and is connected between the water supply pipe leading out of the shower rough-in valve and into the shower head.


Most manufacturers, such as Delta, Moen, and Kohler, offer matching shower trim and shower diverter trim styles. So you don’t have to worry about clashing designs on your shower walls. From classic, contemporary, and modern designs, you will have the option to even match a pre-existing shower trim. You also have the consideration of finishes, such as chrome, nickel, stainless steel, brass, and matte black.


Given that the shower diverter trim does not serve the primary purpose of shutting off and turing on the water supply into your shower, it does not need to be contained in a large area. In fact, the size of the shower diverter trim will vary across manufacturers and products lines. In situations where the shower diverter trim is being added to an already built shower, smaller and less minimally styled options are available.


The shower diverter trim will give you the option of diverting the mixed water to the individual shower fixture of your choice. Most manufactures do not offer this option in their shower diverter trim, since this is a primary function of the shower trim. Also the shower diverter trim, will not mix hot and cold water, again, the primary function is to divert the flow of water. Therefore, it is necessary to understand where in the shower water supply system the shower diverter trim fits in.

Examples of Shower Diverter Trim

Installation of Moen, Delta Shower Diverter Trim

Installation of Moen Shower Diverter Trim