Home Bathroom Remodel Waterproofing


You may have started with a simple idea of modernizing your bathroom with new tile or maybe you decided a complete bathroom remodel was needed, in either case, the most important piece is going to be how you manage moisture within the shower area from entering behind the walls or out into the rest of the bathroom. Your waterproofing strategy will consist of several layers, each will handle water and vapor differently, but all will encourage movement into and down the shower drain.

A more common option instead of a built up shower pan would be to install a bathtub. You will not have the same accessibility to your shower area but you will be able to enjoy a true bathing experience. A bath tub does have it’s drawbacks, but it also is a wonderful addition to your bathroom remodel.

An alternative to a built up shower pan is installing a pre-manufactured shower base. This option provides you with a peace of mind that it will not cause moisture damage and the installation process is dramatically different. You may not have the design details that a built up shower pan gives you but you will have less frustration.

The shower walls are going to be an important installation within the shower area of your bathroom remodel. The waterproofing strategy that you choose will take into account water and vapor resistance. If you choose to build up a shower pan, install a shower base, or install a bath tub, in either instance your shower walls will need to follow a waterproofing strategy that allows moisture to move downward and into the shower area.

If you have chosen to build a shower pan, then you have already completed the framing for your shower curb, shower pony wall, or shower seat. The shower pan sits inside the wet area of your shower and requires a very disciplined approach to construction to ensure that moisture remains inside. Each layer that makes up the shower pan relies on the previous, reinforcing it’s strength and purpose.